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Christophe Therrien, CPA
Partner in charge of certifications

Member of the Quebec CPA Order since 2017. Christophe has since been a partner at Therrien & Therrien CPA. Christophe is in charge of certification mandates, including audits, reviews and notices to readers. In addition, he has developed expertise in R&D tax credits, CDAE and corporate taxes. He brings to the office a new approach, a vision and an energy that can only help the clientele of SMEs/VSEs, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. His interest in new technologies such as computers and the field of video games is perfectly compatible with the vision of the office, which is above all to serve technology SMEs/VSEs by offering them a turnkey service.


A member of the Quebec CPA Order since 1987, Benoît founded the accounting firm in Montreal that would become Therrien & Therrien CPA.  Benoît's knowledge and interest in new technologies will lead the office to constantly renew itself in order to better serve a clientele of SMEs/VSEs and entrepreneurs specializing in advanced technologies in the Montreal region.

Benoit Therrien, CPA, CA


Accounting outsourcing

Our accounting outsourcing team takes care of managing your accounting internally. In effect, it becomes your accounting department. So they will do for you:

  • Your bookkeeping;

  • Your end-of-month reconciliation;

  • Preparation and sending of all government reports;

  • Issuance of your internal financial statements;

  • Preparation of personal taxes.


Our certification team takes care of preparing the necessary instruments for the presentation of your company externally. Their expertise is:

  • Audit of your financial statements;​

  • Review of your financial statements;

  • Preparation of financial statements and issuance of a notice to readers report;

  • Preparation of corporate taxes;

  • Tax planning. 

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