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The accounting firm
for innovative SMEs
IT IS...
  • Accountants who understand the reality of innovative SMEs.

  • Competence in a human framework.

  • Specialists for your financial statements, corporate tax returns and tax planning.

  • Expertise in obtaining your tax credits

  • A complete service for innovative SMEs.

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Therrien Therrien CPA Inc. offers professional accounting, tax and bookkeeping services in order to provide you with comprehensive financial and tax management services for your business. Our accountants are divided into two teams: first, certification, i.e. audits, reviews, notices to readers and corporate tax reports and second, accounting outsourcing, i.e. i.e., bookkeeping, government reports, interim financial statements, and personal tax returns.

Our accounting firm aims to offer you comprehensive professional accounting services in accounting, finance and taxation and thus effectively meet the needs of innovative businesses in metropolitan Montreal.

Our accounting teams have been in place for several years, and have earned the trust of companies in the innovative business sector for more than 30 years..

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